The 6 Best Places to Take Pictures in Houston

Looking for a great place in Houston to take a scenic picture? Or maybe you need a special venue for an important event? From tourists to locals, and everybody in between, everyone who loves to take pictures or wants to remember a significant event can always find somewhere in Houston that stands out for them.

Every single location we’ve listed here are open to the public and free of charge (except where parking may be a concern), making them ideal venues and locations to plan your events or itinerary around

The Importance of Using the Best Locations & Venues in Houston

Anybody can whip out their phone and take a quick picture of someplace that they’re at. From the smallest towns to the largest in the country, people are taking pictures of their environments every day. But what happens when you take a few extra moments to find the best place in the city and couple it with the best perspective?

Whether you’re just creating an album of your travel experiences or showcasing one of the most important experiences of your life or career, the best place and a great perspective can make a huge difference in the quality and impact your pictures will deliver.

Herman Park – Directions

Tucked carefully between the museum district, Rice University, and the Medical Center, Hermann Park is our first place in Houston that you can use for your special occasion. If you like open spaces, Hermann Park is perfect for you. With plenty of open spaces, lots of trees, multiple garden centers, a gazebo, and a lake, this particular park can be a multipurpose venue: not only will you get amazing scenic pictures, but you can host gatherings, picnics, activities, and more.

Hermann Park Houston

Houston Arboretum & Nature center – Directions

If instead you like nature, but are looking for something a little more discrete, the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center may be right up your alley. Just like Hermann Park, the Arboretum and Nature Center is a great multipurpose venue, which caters to hikers, explorers, nature lovers, and photographers.

The Arboretum offers an amazing, picturesque environment with lush foliage and winding trails, making it ideal for photographers looking to capture their portraits and subjects in front of a naturalistic backdrop.

Note that if you have a larger group, it’s recommended to call ahead. This will help you reduce the chance of running into issues as a result of other visitors.

Menil Park – Directions

Back out in a large public, open space is Menil Park. Like Hermann Park and the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, Menil Park is a great location for people who like nature driven scenes. Menil Park features an amazingly serene landscape, but also features the stunning Rothko Chapel with its unique landscape and design. The chapel itself makes a great backdrop for photographers who are looking for something familiar, yet very unique in its own right.

The park itself is filled with plenty of giant trees and interesting landmarks that have been carefully and neatly tucked away behind beautiful homes.

Discovery Green – Directions

Discovery Green offers a little more diversity than Houston’s other parks and venues. Greenery is just as common in Discovery Green as any other park, but it also features statues, fountains, sculptures, and other artistic pieces. These extra, less common elements make Discovery Green perfect for event planners and photographers that are looking for a little extra variety in their photographs.

Whether you’re looking for something small or trying to get an upscale photo, Discovery Green is a great place to get started, combining natural landscapes and unique art installations!

mecom fountain

Mecom Fountain – Directions

Mecom Fountain in Houston is like the central hotspot for events and special occasions looking to capture an amazing photo. Everything from weddings and Quinceaneras, to just about any type of major event you can think of, have used Mecom Fountain as a focal point and backdrop for their event photographs.

Lighting up at night, the Mecom Fountain is also great for nighttime photography. Whether you’re just trying to get an amazing photo of significant points of interest in the city, or looking for a unique way to highlight your subjects, you won’t go wrong by adding Mecom Fountain to your list of places to photograph at.

Note that Mecom Fountain is located right in the middle of a significantly trafficked intersection.

Market Square Park – Directions

Although it’s last in our list, don’t mistake Market Square Park for its beauty. Similar to Discovery Green, the Market Square Park features sculptures to help add variety to the park. However, Market Square Park also has a number of fountains and plenty of beautiful flowers for you to use in your backdrops.

Market Square Park is perfect for anyone’s events, whether they’re just a couple of people or a larger gathering of people. You’ll find plenty of great art pieces to use for unique photographing opportunities, as well as a gazebo that will provide you with an amazing view of the entire park.

We encourage you to check out these venues for yourself! Every location has its own beauty that you won’t find anywhere else in Houston.